So you know what to expect for me, I am always trying to make someone laugh with my horrible attempts at a good joke, I am entertainingly clumsy and sporadically spontaneous. I personally think I am an "introverted" extrovert, but mom says otherwise; Mom's know best! I bring on an assistant to every wedding I shoot for second perspective and to cover the end-of-the-night dancing at your reception while I start prepping your sneak peeks and blog post for next day delivery! Most of the time it's my sister Bri, who I trust with all of my blood and being. She is a great pep talker, can have a deep conversation with anyone and you will walk away feeling so light-hearted and warm inside from your talk with her; She's got that affect on people! When it's not Bri assisting, it's one of my wildly-talented wedding photography friends in the industry.

You are with your photographers for a HUGE chunk of one of the BIGGEST days of your life, let alone all of the planning that goes into make it absolutely perfect beforehand. You deserve a photographer who you genuinely connect with, laugh with and can comfortably ask to fix your "bra pop-age" and not even question in your mind if that would be "weird to ask". Click here for more tips on how to select the right photographer specifically for you!

Let’s get together and capture all of those moments authentically, adventurously and in a natural light.
— Sara

I want your photos to be more than something to do on your checklist for your wedding, wall or social media. I want it to be an experience for you that makes you fall deeper in love with your soulmate or yourself because you and your relationships are beautiful. Sadly, and I wish it weren't so, but the flowers are going to fade, the centerpieces will go in boxes and the cake will be eaten. But, the photos you receive, the archival album you invest in, will only grow in value as time passes. You need to love the photographer's style, products they provide, and most importantly the vibe they bring to the table for you. Never settle for less than what you deserve on the day that only happens once.

And hey, if you get excited about the idea of jamming to your favorite tunes, splashing in the ocean, wooded unpaved trails, mountain tops, golden meadows, chasing sunsets, windblown hair, wandering through a city, goofy games, laughing at yourself and me, and those sweet, imperfectly-perfect in between moments, than we are going to create something really uniquely stunning together!

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Weddings start at $2,600

Elopements +Intimate Weddings start at $1,600

Engagement Session included w. 8+ hours of coverage

Sessions start at $300