Happy February, Friend!

To start off, I just want to say I love picking out gifts. Buying, making, constructing, planning... you name it and I LIKE IT! I get a rush out of shopping for other people and really digging into what I know about that individual or what is going on their lives.

Now, trust me, I know not everyone gets the same rush of adrenaline I get when a holiday or birthday is coming around. SO, if you are one of those people, I just wanted to pop into your life and make your planning a little easier today.


These DIY Love Voucher Mini Booklets are going to be your saving grace if you are in a last minute pinch or just want to add a little something extra to a gift for someone special in your life. I made it super easy for you-- all you have to do is download the PDF (linked below), print, cut, glue and you're done!

For a more sturdy and professional look like I went for,
print on a 8.5x11 white card stock with a paper weight of 110lbs or similiar.


You have the complete and hassle-free freedom to customize this gift!

  • Above, you will see that you can pick a binding for your Love Voucher booklet to compliment your special person.
  • Below, you will see 16+ different love vouchers I've made that are completely ready to cut and go.

I used a small rotary cutter to get clean and quick cuts but feel free to hand cut. Imperfections never hurt the carefree!


Really wishing I included a "Seafood Dinner" or "Skiing Trip" voucher? I know, I love shrimp and snowy mountains too... I totally understand your disappointment!

So I included a sheet of Blank Vouchers and Cut-Out Clip Art for you to write in your own verbiage or add a personal touch to it.


*Pssst! I used a hot glue gun give the cut-out clip art a more 3-D effect. Plus, it's way cleaner and dries faster!


After you have picked out which vouchers you'd like to include, staple them all together, including the cover on top. Note: I was able to staple together 10 vouchers plus the the cover. I would not try to staple more than that together, unless you have a heavy duty stapler or printed on a thin paper (not the requested Card Stock mentioned earlier).

Below, you will see how easy it is to give your booklet its final classy touch. Simply fold your binding of choice in half, hot dog style, and glue it over the staples. Again, I used a hot glue gun for this.


This is such simple gift that can last all year, which is why I come back to it every Valentine's Day!

You can make this gift cost-conscious by deciding to include more vouchers that don't require any money like the "Free Car Wash" or "Nature Walk" Vouchers or the more expensive ones like the "Dine Out" or "Summer Beach Day" Vouchers. Every Valentine's Day I've made one of these for my boyfriend and pair it with his beloved favorite candy, Mike & Ikes. However, you can easily make this a gift for your friends as well-- I just suggest not including the "Sexy Time" Voucher in theirs, unless you are both into that kind of thing LOL... If you ARE gifting this to your boyfriend or girlfriend like I do, I always make sure to include extra "Free Massage" vouchers. They love those!


The PDF is a total of 8 pages long:

  1. Cover (1) & Bindings (4)
  2. Ready-to-Go Vouchers (4)
  3. Ready-to-Go Vouchers (4)
  4. Ready-to-Go Vouchers (4)
  5. Ready-to-Go Vouchers (4)
  6. Ready-to-Go Vouchers (4)
  7. Blank Vouchers (4)
  8. Cut-Out Clip Art (Many!)

Free free to print out only one or many of each of the pages!


Comment down below who you gave your Love Vouchers Booklet to and which voucher you think they will be quick to use first!


Love to You & Your Person,

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