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Back in April 2018, Casey, Katie and I all jetted off to Alberta, Canada to see Banff National Park; A quick pit-stop before we flew into Vancouver for the first ever Cabin Fever Retreat (a photographer's dream workshop) in the Sunshine Coast. To our surprise, the lakes were still COMLETELY frozen over. We are talking frozen to the point that we would walk across the lakes in inches of snow and not worry about falling through the ice frozen to cold & scary bath. 

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This is such a wonderful day for loved one! As my boyfriend Kevin wrote in a card to me this morning, "It's a day to celebrate and exercise the love we have"! In spirit of that, and just because I love all of my clients, I wanted to do something special for my readers! So, I got to thinking and wanted to come up with something fun and unique that I could design and share like I did last year with the DIY Printable Love Coupons.

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