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Kylie & Cole eloped on a mountaintop in the beautiful British Columbia mountains not far from Halfmoon Bay. This unique corner of the world requires a ride-your-car-on ferry, something we don't have in my neck of the woods (NY/NJ/PA area)! I am so grateful my career can take me to so many different places, to meet giggly and madly in love couples from across the continent like these two lovebirds. 

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Inspired by creating an elegant, yet outdoorsy, bohemian vibe in the woods of Memorytown USA in the Poconos of Pennsylvania… This woodsy elopement style was a great new option for the venue to push because they have lots of quaint little cabins within feet of the locations at which we shot the ceremony and reception! The ceremony was on a small island in the middle of their lake and the reception was tucked away in the trees by a gravel road. The first look was in their stunning blossoming orchard on the front of the property.

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