About Me

I am Sara, a wedding and traveling elopement photographer based in the Northeast US. More specifically, I spend lots of time in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont but know no boundaries.

Besides all of the picture taking stuff, some of my favorite things in life are bonfire BBQs, cuddling with my lil pup Reese and human man Kevin, jetting off to crystal clear beaches for mojitos and trying not to kill my succulents. One of my big secrets that I am very bad at hiding is that I am sort of obsessed with watching the Harry Potter movies on repeat while editing photos or falling asleep. 

I am always outdoors and trying to stay active in my own way, whether it be playing with Reese, dying in a barre class, riding my bike, snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, paddle boarding, camping under the stars or hiking up a mountain. Now that we have that out of the way, can someone get a girl a Mojito, please?